Politics has no place in our courts

Judges, unlike politicians, are supposed to let the law, not politics, guide their decisions.    

Floridians depend on their courts to provide rational resolution of disputes through fair & impartial consideration of the merits and equal application of the law - without prejudice or favor.  The rule of law is the foundation of a successful democracy.  So it is no exaggeration to say the future of democracy is at stake when politicians and special interests seek to seize control over our courts. 

Our system of checks and balances cannot function if Floridians do not clearly understand the role of the courts and defend their ability to stand up against government overreach.  The power grab against Florida's courts is part of a coordinated effort around the country to subject the courts to political influence.  Democracy at Stake is working to establish more effective firewalls to keep politics out of Florida’s courts

Partisan efforts to seize control of our courts are increasingly brazen